J. Batista


Limited Edition: 10 units
Printed by Lithos Brasil | Fine Art Print
Based in Rio de Janeiro, João Paulo Batista studied Industrial Design at PUC-RIO and took art lessons at Parque Lage, Escola de Arte. He created the trophy and visual identity of the Human Rights Award for the Brazilian Federal Government. Joao’s art is in permanent display at the United Nations’ hallway in Geneva and his art was also selected to compose the Alma Latina Space in Turin, Italy. J. Batista focuses on the social and political issues of his country: his characters consist mainly of cariocas and other figures from the northeast region of Brazil. Joao has a distinct drawing style mixed with his use of bright vivid colors. His paintings are characterized by thick lines, round bodies, big lips and eyes. Interestingly enough, the artist is color-blind. 


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