Carmem Gusmão


Limited Edition of 20


Premium Matte Paper (200gr) | Limited Edition of 20


Brazilian-born Carmem Gusmão currently lives in Los Angeles. Full of delicate figures, arabesques, and strong gestures, Gusmão’s paintings combine abstraction and figuration to tell stories of her life experience. From Carl Jung to Pablo Neruda, from Kafka to the indigenous peoples of Brazil, Carmen has always been intrigued by cultural expressions, such as rituals, symbols, and the human psyche. This led her to pursue studies in architecture, psychology, and philosophy, which broadened her appreciation for the depths of difference. The time she spent in the Amazon with indigenous peoples led her to a deep admiration and fascination for nature and all its inhabitants. She usually works in painting, installation, and jewelry, always looking for stylistic approaches that combine art and life, as in an autobiography. Gusmão has exhibited in Portugal, Italy, China, and throughout the United States and Brazil.

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