Antonio Bokel

In honor to São Paulo Series II

Antonio Bokel reveals a constant intersection between art and the fabric of urban life, as constitutive parts of his symbolic universe. It resorts to this experience of the city as existential sequences - there it constructs its referential space, there it seems to invent a territory, it intends to constitute an aesthetic and spatial extension in a wider dimension.

In this zone of intersection, a capacity for poetic improvisation is present from the assimilation of the most varied materials and supports, such as enigmatic objects, urban utensils, insertion of letters, word games or literary fragments, that transit in mural paintings, on the surfaces screens, photographs, sculptures or space installations. But it is in his painting that we find the chords of his field of action indicative of an integrating force of his aesthetic concerns, balancing colors, shapes and volumes in a mosaic of rhythmic brushstrokes that bring to light the asymmetries of the world.

In honor to São Paulo, 2017
Monotype on metal
50 x 40 cm

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