Jade Matarazzo

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Brazilian-born artist Jade Matarazzo’s photographs consist of enigmatic close up images that are a well-balanced mix of real and elusive forms. Since she left her native country, Jade has been traveling the world to photograph people’s life stories, places and cultures. Having also developed a photojournalistic work, Jade’s thought-provoking images express controversial and socially relevant themes. With a degree in Architectural Design from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, in São Paulo, Matarazzo studied in the prestigious Escola Pan Americana de Arte and took photography and fine arts courses in Switzerland. In 2016, Jade joined the Sotheby’s Institute of Art to study several aspects of the art market, including art as a Global Business, Curating, and Art History. Jade is a published artist, has won several awards and shown her work in over fifteen solo exhibitions, including at the Morikami Museum. While operating in different fields of the photography world, Jade enjoys the crossover of the “Miksang” technique and a documental approach that brings to light issues that need a voice.


Premium Matte Paper (200gr) | Photography and digital art

Limited Edition of 20

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