Ivonete Leite


Limited Edition of 10

Ivonete Leite’s photographs have an interest in the ephemeral moments of the everyday life as well as in the almost-abstract quality of landscapes. Born in Minas Gerais and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after retiring from a successful career in the financial world, Ivonete now lives in Florida. Maybe as a way to escape stressful meetings from her business career, Ivonete has travelled throughout the world, capturing poetic images. What started as a touristic impulse, has now been consolidated as an art practice. Ivonete’s most recent series consist of exquisite depictions of the landscapes of “Lajedo de Pai Mateus,” which are unique rock formations, and its surrounding areas in Cariri, in the state of Paraíba, Brazil. Ivonete has exhibited her photographs in London, Tokyo, Miami, and across Brazil. In 2016, she won a Photography Best Ensemble Prize from ArtBrazil and was a finalist for the Visual Arts Press Award, Focus Brasil Foundation.


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